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Programs & Services

Brighter Futures offers a variety of programs and services to support foster children, persons with disabilities, and our proctor families. 

Our Programs

Brighter Futures is a dual licensed agency, meaning we are contracted through the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) as well as the Department of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD). This means Brighter Futures is contracted to serve both foster children and those with disabilities. Brighter Futures offers free, specialized training to each of our foster parents to equip them with the necessary skills and awareness to uplift, care, and serve the individuals in their home. 

Our Programs


Brighter Futures offers a variety of services and support to foster children, persons with disabilities, and our proctor families. 


We offer in-house therapy with Certified Mental Health Counselors. Our therapists may offer not only individual therapy, but family therapy as well!

After School / Summer Program 

We offer an after school & summer program giving clients the chance to socialize, learn social/life skills, and be involved within the community. Staff members work exclusively with one to two clients to acclimate them to behave in real-life scenarios. 



We have teams dedicated to yours and your clients' success. Brighter Futures offers three levels of support to mentor, support, and uplift our proctor families and ensure our clients meet their goals. 


Education & Training

Brighter Futures has curated a specialized training program to prepare foster parents to support those in their homes. Training includes behavior management interventions, industry training, trauma informed approaches, and more! 

Crisis Intervention

Brighter Futures offers 24/7 support to foster families and the children/persons that reside in their home. Brighter Futures offers a specialized crisis worker that assists in after hours and weekend crises. 


Behavior Programs

Brighter Futures has a team of qualified Behaviorists that will work one-on-one with clients to work on  their specific behaviors. Behaviorists work with foster families to not only work with clients in-office, but also in their homes where behaviors occur.

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