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Hello, Caseworkers! At Brighter Futures Inc., we recognize the vital role that caseworkers play in the foster care system. As a foster care agency committed to providing the best possible support for children in need, we understand the importance of establishing strong partnerships with caseworkers. While caseworkers are employed by the state, we believe that collaboration and open communication with these dedicated professionals are essential for the well-being of the children we serve. Here's how we aim to support and work alongside caseworkers:

Collaborative Approach: We value the expertise and insights that caseworkers bring to the table. We believe in a collaborative approach where caseworkers are respected as essential members of the child welfare team. We strive to establish open lines of communication, ensuring that caseworkers are involved in key decisions regarding the children in our care. By working together, we can create a cohesive support system that meets the unique needs of each child and facilitates successful outcomes.

Timely and Transparent Communication: We understand that effective communication is crucial when it comes to providing the best care for children in foster care. We are committed to maintaining open and transparent lines of communication with 
caseworkers, sharing relevant information promptly and ensuring that all parties are kept informed about the well-being and progress of the children in our care. We value the input of caseworkers and recognize their role in advocating for the children's best interests.

At Brighter Futures Inc., we believe that by fostering strong relationships and collaboration with caseworkers, we can create a more comprehensive and supportive system for the children in foster care. We value the important work that caseworkers do and are committed to providing them with the support, resources, and open lines of communication necessary to promote positive outcomes for the children we serve.


Doug Pederson

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