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Who We Are & What We Do

Like to know more about Brighter Futures, Inc.? Read more about our history, mission, team, and more!

History of Brighter Futures

It started as a dream in the 1990’s when Charles Hosea, Brighter Futures' founder, began his career in social services. His experience within the field fostered a love and passion to serve kids and teens in need of care which led to the establishment of Brighter Futures in 2004. Since inception, Brighter Futures has served thousands of youth in custody.


Charles' desire to serve expanded into a vision where Brighter Futures would serve and do more for those in the community. Brighter Futures began not only serving foster children, but also those with disabilities that require support.

Charles‘ vision is for families, individuals, and caregivers to see the children and persons with disabilities from an angle of non-judgment, to equip our children and persons with tools to reach their potential, and for caregivers and the children to grow together in the pursuit of positive change, success and happiness.

If this vision resonates with you, strikes a chord in you or sounds similar to your purpose in life. Join the journey with Brighter Futures and become a Foster Parent today! Follow your call to action and don’t hesitate, there are many eager to meet you!


With love,
Brighter Futures team

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"Brighter Futures, Inc.: a team dedicated to providing support and empowerment to children, adolescents, and persons with developmental disabilities. A team dedicated to teach realistic and sound skills, in a stable and nurturing environment, where all can experience growth and an improved quality of life."



"We value a person-centered approach of building on a person's strengths. We support and assist persons to develop and nurture their ability to make positive choices. We strive to create and enforce the highest possible quality of standards."



Ethical Treatment


Exceeding Expectations

Believing in People

Creative & Fun Environments

Meet the Team


Kristina Worton 

CEO / Program Director



Janson Worton

Placement Coordinator



Haili Moli 

Compliance Director


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